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Posted on May 2018, by tessa

Tessa I am an independent high class companion for affluent gentlemen (see dictionary "1. a polite way of talking to or referring to a man: 2. a man who is polite and behaves well towards other people, especially women: 3. a man of a high social class:") :)

Filling plenty of his desires in a dream world | where no hate exists

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  • The guys are smart; they utilize every move that we make. Those I've met, were not an exception. When I had closed my eyes.... guess what! I had a gentle touch. When I opened my eyes I found ... standing in attention, looking at me, for my next move. Rather ... was standing like a scared bird that would fly the very moment I would cry and say, "How dare you?"

A beautifull girl is always haunted:

  • "She passes through them as though they were not there to the black-leather door at the other side, where she pauses. The men crowd up around her, threateningly as before. She steps through to the next room; they step through. But only the men arrive on the other side. They stumble about in seeing and unseeing confusion, knocking over tables, chairs, each other. They turn back toward the door. She is standing there, just beyond the threshold in the room that they have left, scarved and hatted. She closes the door."
  • #1-st time date

    Consider me an opportunity to teach you shy guys how to date real women; first rule is respect!
    Therefore: do not say next:

  • are your pics real?
  • I want to know everything about you.
  • better talk about weather, do not be boring about personal stuff
  • You look really nice tonight.
  • because I always do
  • Ask positive emotional questions.
  • Have good manners
  • Make sure you speak very good English, otherwise I advise you to take classes!

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